“It’s rare that a film has the guts to confront something so intense so head on, but End Game is up for the challenge – and passes with flying colors.”

End Game is the documentary film that American needs to see.”


“Follows visionary medical practitioners who are working on the cutting edge of life and death — and dedicated to changing our thinking about both.”


“Watching End Game is a moving experience.”

End Game urges viewers to think about our last days on Earth not as a heartbreaking tragedy but as an opportunity for true closure.”


“A tremendously moving examination of terminal illness and human mortality.”


“A celebration of the compassionate care that can and should be offered to all of us.”


“By far the most emotionally and intellectually human story in the quintet.”


“Watching End Game with loved ones could open the door to conversations that are best had before they become necessary.”


“When you’re there at the end of someone’s life and an 8-year-old is saying goodbye to his mother, it’s an exchange of love in its purest and distilled form.”


“As difficult as it was to watch people go through this really devastating piece of their lives, there was just so much caring and loving that it actually became a very beautiful experience for us.”


“A story about love and caring and empathy.”